Do you want to discover Vlora?

Located South of Albania where the two seas, Adriatic and Ionian meet, Vlora enjoys a beautiful position. The town with its wide boulevards, decorated by huge palm trees has a real southern Mediterranean feel. But not only is it full of history, did you know that the oldest traces of civilization in the area of Vlora date back to the 6th century B.C. ?

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 We start our tour from the center which offers a lot to be visited and to create the first impression of the Vlora’s history,
Monuments to be visited are:

Muradie Mosque, The Flag Square, The Bust of The Unknown Soldier ,The remains of the Old Town’s Castle, The Old Muradie Neighbourhood,
Historical Museum, Kuzum Baba religion and panoramic point then we move to the Indipendence Square where we’re going to visit The Ethnographic Museum