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Albania is full of unspoiled nature of spectacular landscapes to amaze and certainly spectacular virgin beaches of crystal waters

What to visit in Vlora

Sazan Island

It is the largest island in Albania and strategically located between the Strait of Otranto and the entrance to the Bay of Vlorë, forming the border between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea.

Llogara National Park

It is a national park centered on the Ceraunian Mountains along the Albanian Riviera in Southwestern. The park’s terrain includes large alpine meadows, vertical rock faces, precipices and dense forests.

Zvërnec Island

 It is situated northwest of the city of Vlorë. The island can be reached on foot by wooden platform where can be visited the monastery of Saint Mary. 

Narta Lagoon

Narta Lagoon  is the second largest lagoon in Albania, and one of the most important sites in the country due to its amazing biodiversity. Located a few kilometers north of Vlora. The beauty of Narta Lagoon consists of its rich marine life, the diversity of plant species, the remarkable sand dunes created by the wind. It is also important for ecoturism and salt production.

Vlora River Road

Vlore lies in the southwestern coastal region of Albania, at the southern end of the Adriatic Sea and the northern part the Ionian Sea. The Vlore coastline accounts for about 30% of the entire coast of Albania.

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Crystal Water Karaburun

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